Friday, September 29, 2006

Next Wednesday is my monthly weigh in that I wanted to lose four lbs by, and I am hoping I just maintain. I'm sitting at a 1.5 lb gain at the moment, mainly due to my forced tummy ache the other night, which did nothing to make me feel better and was so bizarre I have purposefully not thought about it. I'm not sure why I think I need this punishment/redemption cycle, but I promise psyche, I really don't need it!
I'm feeling a good bit better today, not sure if I should workout today or rest one more day and not risk feeling badly again. Sigh.
I made a new friend that lives fairly close. She has PCOS and gained around 100 lbs in 3 months, and when she went to her doctor for help, he informed her she's "lazy". How infuriating! She has a ton of exercise equipment and wants to try and lose at least some of it with diet/exercise. I'm not sure if she can lose all of it with how out of whack her hormones are, but I know little about the condition. She was also able to conceive and have her daughter against all odds, so maybe she can do this too. I like her a lot, at the risk of sounding like we're in elementary school.
Hubby has also decreed that he would prefer to buy an elliptical, free weights and bench, and maybe a smith machine. WTF?????!!!!!!!! I'm not complaining, just out of left field from the man that hates the gym and refuses to eat veggies. The only way he could shock me more is by taking a jaunt down to the Farmer's Market to buy himself a snack.
Exciting things are a foot, must just keep on keeping on-my most favorite reads in the bloggie world all have that in common, they just keep going and they inspire me so much. Thanks to all of you, even though you have no idea I'm writing this.


LME said...

I think I would fall over if The Mister suggested purchasing home gym equipment.

I have gotten him trained to eat the "green stuff" on his plate.

But have not yet managed to get him interested in any nonessential movement.

Good to read that you are in a better frame of mind than you were in your previous post.

I find your writing here to be inspiring.

Erin said...

Hubby would rather pull off his toenails with rusty pliers than eat a vegetable. If it is green, or has a green relative, it is not passing his lips, no matter how silly that is. I am treading lightly and not making direct eye contact until we actually get the exercise equipment so as not to scare off whatever ju ju made him suggest such a thing.
Not to sound like a whine bag but I've been feeling tired of myself and tired of talking to so much-feeling as though nobody wants to listen. Just the simple statement, that I could actually inspire anyone (especially someone I enjoy reading so much) makes me want to continue...with the writing and my efforts too.