Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Life is just really getting in my way right now. I wanted to say thank you to everyone that stopped by and left a comment and anyone out there that doesn't comment but stops by anyway (as long as you don't come here to insult me through the monitor). It always blows me away when people (you guys) leave me a comment because you're all engaging wonderful writers and I get a little star struck. This may seem weird but I am socially awkward. Ahem.
Lifted weights again for the first time in several weeks. I've not been inactive mind you (except for during the numerous bouts of sickness I endure on a regular basis)but I've been focusing on yoga rather than free weights and now my interest in weight lifting is peaking once more. I don't want to do AWAY with yoga though, I truly love it and think it is amazing but I have a hard time fitting in both, my mindset wars between the two and for some reason it's like getting a cat and dog to live in harmony with each other. The cat stretches gracefully on the back of the couch and the dog lumbers into the glass sliding door and both are enjoyable. My cat and dog DO live quite well with each other so I know I can get there.
Something else I've concluded is that trying to force myself to adhere to the same activity, sometimes even for a few days at a time, is a losing battle. I embrace change, I crave it and feel stifled when forced into monotony. Some would call it being fickle or flighty but this is just the way I am wired. I am not the person that leaves their home decorated the same way for years, you will not find pictures with the same hairstyle for maybe more than a few months period at a time and the way I dress used to change on a daily basis but now goes more on a few month to a year cycle. I like variety in all things, my ideal would be to swim one day, rock climb another, bike ride and play raquetball, weight train and do yoga, kayak-you name it but different all the time. This is also why being vegetarian did not work for me. I hate being locked into a box and while I know I can enjoy it in cycles the idea of something being forbidden to me for the rest of my life chaps my ass. I lasted two months before succumbing to a turkey sandwich and then I had the best spicy chicken sandwich combo from Wendy's of my life. I was literally giddy to be eating it which is funny since it has no lie, been years since going through a drive thru establishment. I am well aware you can have quite a variety in vegetarian dishes but in order to do that I was putting in a lot of time I just don't have at this point. I know I'll cycle back around to eating veggie and obsessing over yoga but for now I'm back in a meat eating (within reason) and weight lifting phase.
I'd be a lot happier if I would just stop trying to force my square peg self into round holes.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

LME, thanks for the kind words, it has been quite a few past days, let me tell you. You have to let me tell you because it's my blog. Ahem. Stress mounted up big time with projects and programs that didn't save my work despite my repeated clicking of the save button and then Friday....Friday I got seriously ill, had to jump up in the middle of a guest lecture and oh the details of woe I could relate but I'll just let you know I left school without even telling any professors, crawled in to bed shaking, skin hurting, and commenced to being sick up until today with a violent stomach virus that left me six lbs lighter in only about three days. Not good people. Saturday night was hell, oh man, but last time I had this I ended up in the hospital (I am not a good little puker/pooper, I take it to the extreme apparently) and so this time getting to stay in my own bed was a bonus. I missed essentially three days of class though so that is big time boo hiss.
Tomorrow is my first day of ambulatory care, and what that means is I meet with a client (rather than patient in the hospital) and do a 45 minute counseling session with her. This is cool but scary considering I've never done that before and I'm graded. Bah, whatever, anything is better than what I've dealt with lately.
I've barely been able to eat and walk so just cleaning house today a bit was a big improvement, anxiously awaiting getting back to yoga etc.
PS I ate several turkey sandwiches, the only thing that would do. More on that later.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Today was so horrible I thought it would surely do me in, and I am not even coming at you from a dieting perspective, I refer to sanity itself.
I'm not going to detail things out, I just get worked up all over again but I am going to go fall into an exhausted sleep in order to trudge through one more day.
I desperately want to work out and to eat nice food and yet I am dealing with migraines from stress and eating nothing but nutrition bars (I had 3 of them today, NO NO NO) and I just want time to be well and to feel good and...
It is extremely helpful to read about others carrying on though so please do just that and when I have a spare moment to do the ol' inhale/exhale thingie I'll be reading.
Have not succeeded in doing yoga three hrs a week since I started striving for that, only 2 hrs a week for the last several but that is better than nothing and I've been battling fatigue that usually sends me into a full blow sick episode. I'm holding on and the last of the creamy southwestern ranch dip is gone.

The End.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Kada! Yes please send me recipes, any time, all the time. *grin

Beyond exhausted, spent the weekend in Houston (Texas for those not in the know) and had a blast. Must update with details when possible.
For now I am done with homework and ready to fall in to bed, the plan is to be up before sunrise in order to do yoga and ride the train to school.
Damn I am tired.
I'm going now or I'll just repeat variations of how tired I am and even though I'm sure that would be endlessly entertaining, I gotta save something for tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Still around and will try to stop in tonight-right now I am supposedly studying for an exam that I have at ten.

Good plan? No, but I'll pull it off and learn from my semi-idiocy and do better next time. Still doing yoga, still eating vegetarian, still scheduled to the hilt. Made another great recipe out of the Moosewood cookbook, I'll definitely post about those later.