Thursday, February 14, 2008

Today was so horrible I thought it would surely do me in, and I am not even coming at you from a dieting perspective, I refer to sanity itself.
I'm not going to detail things out, I just get worked up all over again but I am going to go fall into an exhausted sleep in order to trudge through one more day.
I desperately want to work out and to eat nice food and yet I am dealing with migraines from stress and eating nothing but nutrition bars (I had 3 of them today, NO NO NO) and I just want time to be well and to feel good and...
It is extremely helpful to read about others carrying on though so please do just that and when I have a spare moment to do the ol' inhale/exhale thingie I'll be reading.
Have not succeeded in doing yoga three hrs a week since I started striving for that, only 2 hrs a week for the last several but that is better than nothing and I've been battling fatigue that usually sends me into a full blow sick episode. I'm holding on and the last of the creamy southwestern ranch dip is gone.

The End.

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LME said...

Hoping that you get some time to rest up a bit this weekend.

And eat some real food.

Whatever it was that had you upset yesterday, I hope it has passed.