Monday, March 09, 2009

Until We Meet Again

I've finally come to admit to myself that I've lost the interest I once had in writing here. I haven't been willing to let go of it because of all the people I've met but I think in order to use my time to focus on school and career related things, my family, and all the various projects I want to work on/am working on I need to sort of call an end to things. If I pop up somewhere else I will send out an email (so if you want to know just leave me your address). More than likely what comes later will be a professional site like I mentioned before but had no time to give to creating
Exercise has been something that is part of my daily life for a long time now, I no longer struggle with that really and since I've spent less time ruminating about food related things, that too has come to somewhat take care of itself. I am eating well, not obsessing and devoting my time to thinking about and doing other things. For me, this is the right step.