Monday, September 18, 2006

So the doing well Saturday night thing? led me think I needed to go out to eat Sunday because if I do not feel like I really indulged, I will keep repeating the behavior until I get it right(wrong). It's twisted of me. Also, I have banned alcohol for awhile, maybe until Christmas when my MIL will force really great red wine on me. I still did not eat terribly badly yesterday, however I did eat this monsterous roll that was sort of glistening (prob with butter) and had melted baked cheese on top. It was so fluffy like a big puffball and I am a sucker for baked goods of that nature. Sweets? no. Fried stuff? no. Rolls and other forms of bread, esp. croissants? Hell yes. Fried foods and beer used to be my downfall but I've finally trained the food portion of that evil duo to be nastay on my palate. The beer had gotten out of hand again (not in amount but in frequency) so that shit is being nipped in the bud pronto. When I drink, even a little, I tend to feel like crap the whole next day as well and therefore not exercise.
Hardly any walking ended up happening and so while watching Amazing Race I convinced my lethargic brain to do my short pilates routine and then I did inversions and some hip flexor stretches. Our baby tried to do what I was doing, it was one of the cutest things I've ever seen. He would bend forward and put his head on the floor, just like mama, and he thought crawling quickly under me was way cool, like a bridge.

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