Thursday, September 28, 2006

Holding Pattern. I'm in limbo and I can only hope I come out of it soon. School is draining the life out of me and I'm dealing with some weird suck ass cold/allergies thing that has me completely devoid of energy. Last night I ate so much I made myself sick and I did it on purpose, as if it would make me feel better some how. Sick. Le sigh.


LME said...

I have done this a couple of times to myself recently and am still trying to figure out why. It's been part of a whole cycle of self-damaging behavior, which included a week-long smoking binge, and going out and getting drunk and obnoxious. I am stressed out right now, but I think something else is going on. Maybe it's because I'm starting to get into yoga, and it feels good. It's making those little inner demons scream.

Hope you are feeling better.

Erin said...

Yeah not to sound stalkerish (you know, people that seem to be WAY too into what you are doing or what you are like, that claim to be JUST LIKE YOU), but it's funny that I have hit a mental slump at the same time my fave bloggers have too. It just hit me reading your comment that the last time I did yoga was when I started crying towards the end and thinking about events I'd locked away. I think I've been subconciously avoiding it since. I have to figure out what I need to be able to leave you comments again, argh!
I'm still in a weird mental spot, but not a "bad" one so much anymore, just...weird.