Thursday, September 21, 2006

Last night was one of the most stressful I think I have ever had, combined with waking up at 5 to hear our little one waking up and crying, and I finally hit bottom and am determined to get organized and stop acting so crazy. I make life so much harder on myself, and what sort of really burns my ass is I've been with Flylady for several years now and I am JUST NOW getting everything even though I have yet to implement the routines that will save me from myself. Today I got up, got dressed to workout and put my shoes on, tied my hair back, and got a load of wash going first thing. I have read through five chapters of microbiology notes and feel much better about the test tonight though I need to make another run.
The net has been sucking all my time away, it is for me what teevee is for others, a complete black hole of time. So in conclusion I won't be around much , posting or reading, as long as class is in, but I'll try and check in when I can.
I've done part of my lower body workout today, lunges, deadlifts, and calf raises, followed by some plie squats holding my lovely helper that weighs around 25 lbs, not too heavy but a good added weight. He enjoyed it too which is another part of my great complex of guilt and being overwhelmed. I feel like he does not get my full attention enough even though I'm home with him, so I'm trying to incorporate everything together. Down to 145 this morning, so if I can just lose .5 I'll be down to virgin territory (as long as it sticks, I've seen it but it never stayed before now.)
Yes I started out in mid 170s-low 180s and am not down to 145. The thing I'm working on is bodyfat percentage as mine is still rather high. Must build muscle, concentrate on fitness. I'm on a fitness path now, more on that later.

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