Sunday, September 17, 2006

I feel I did well last night food wise, I ordered the tacos cameron, which was corn tortillas with chili lime shrimp sauce and avocado rice. It was very good and I think it was probably the best choice I could make there since it wasn't covered in cheese, made with flour tortillas, or hanging out with refried beans. I only had 2-3 chips with salsa and drank water. The best part is I didn't feel deprived or stick out like the weirdo in a group of 8 women. I should have left the nibbles alone at my friend's house afterward but I still only had a little bit and still drank water. The evil scale showed up a pound this morning but I feel that will be gone soon, and is probably related to salt intake.
No exercise so far today, we're under a flash flood warning and Hubby is wanting to go drool over plasma screens so I got showered and prettied up, instead of staying grungy to exercise. I do have my walking sandals on though and plan on getting some shopping miles in today. If I don't get that in then I'll take my bike out or hit the gym, more than likely the gym unless the weather clears out.
I found out one of my friends and her hubby and fam are getting into cycling too! How weird is that? She invited me to come with them and I am going to-color me excited. yay!

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