Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'm sore all over and it's not even tomorrow yet. The same yoga practice I was doing three times a week with much less effort completely kicked my ass today, but it was in such a good way. The entire time I kept thinking, "Damn I was doing this and it was feeling effortless???" I tend to underestimate myself and think that I must not be doing that great, that much, working that hard, etc., but in reality I am really doing quite a lot. I suppose that's better than overestimating, but then you have to factor in the mind games I play without realizing it. I work really hard at losing weight, and that is no lie, and yet here's the kicker: I half ass it and then bust ass and go nuts just to lose tiny amounts of weight all because I slacked off frequently. For instance, weekend eating or drinking, missing workouts, and then being super restrictive to "make up for it" which has the end result of me feeling totally over this whole thing, tired, frustrated, and like I'm working soooo hard for noooo reward. Consistency is the key for me, that and being totally honest and just sticking it out and not treating myself so much just to turn around and punish myself. That's no way to be.

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