Friday, September 15, 2006

Up .5 a pound today, so I guess that would be 250 g for metric folks? I think metric measurements sound so much nicer, though the big 199 mark for non-metric folks doesn't scream at you when it's 90.5 kilos.
I did my hr of yoga Wed., 30 min stroller/dog hauling walk yesterday, and I plan on yoga again today. It's insane how all over sore I was yesterday after yoga, especially my back and hamstrings though. I've eaten on track, Wednesday. I get ahead of myself, I eat well for three days and expect miraculous effects. I pledge to stick to plan until next Wednesday, I'm not sure the last time I had a solid good week, and I need to do this one week at a time for now.
Tomorrow: morning bike ride hopefully, walk or maybe a gym visit, the point is it will be SOMEthing. No more fooling around, get these last kilos off and maintain.

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