Thursday, September 07, 2006

Last night I ordered a salad and water with lemon while everyone ate fried appetizers and mini burgers and drank enough beer to kill a horse. I did try a cheese stick and a chicken finger but neither one was very good, and funnily enough the salad was hands down, the best salad I've ever received in a restaurant. I usually think they're too dry or messy, what with the lettuce tumbling about (usually iceberg too, totally nutritionally void) and there being too much on the plate to begin with, thereby not allowing adequate mess it about space.
Then we came home (seperately since hubby came from work to the bar) and he walks in the door with beer in hand. He had bought red str!pe and c0r0na because of the big trips we had taken together and a couple of sp@rks just because I like it. He made a sad face when I asked him if he had not noticed that I ate a SALAD and that I was trying again, and then he explained his reasoning and I felt like a big old bitch and I drank a sp@rks and two beers. I still feel like I did well and the dinner Friday night that I was saving up for is apparently going to be gourmet and very healthy, I've looked over the menu. So, in effect, I did not throw anything off with my alcoholic blunder and I am chalking it up to LIFE, you only have a third anniversary one time unless you're like Elizabeth T@ylor.
My shoulders and triceps are letting me know that I did well on my resistance band workout yesterday. Yes I did it and I felt so proud of myself and I will not be stopping my workouts again. End of story, no room for arguement. I need to add bands on the back and bicep exercises...oh I forgot to mention what I'm actually doing with them now. When I originally got them I was very pleased with the range of exercises and the quality, but it just did not feel as effective as my dumbbells. My MIL has been doing a "new" type of strength training at her gym and I can see a noticeable amount of muscle growth in her upper body, she had next to none and now is sporting some decent biceps and delts. What her trainer does is places progressively heavier weights in different positions and then you hold it and count to 30 seconds. There is no actually range of motion, just muscle fatigue. This guy that has developed it was a ballet dancer (I think) and is also a Pilates instructor. She did not think I could do it on my own because some of the weights she is holding are now way to heavy for her to actually lift into place herself, he places them. I thought I would give it a go with my bands which have no potential to hurt me, and do not require a partner. I can honestly say it works if my DOM has anything to say about it. I do have soreness in my back but not enough and it's hard for me to fatigue my biceps because of lifting our one yr old constantly. I'll definitely be upping it tomorrow. There is also a circuit training workout, incorporating cardio with the strength movies, on a disk that came with the bands, but I've never bothered to check it out or attempt it. I know everything already, you know. *thpppt
Next weigh in will not be until Oct. 4th and I will not be stepping on the blasted scale until then, I make that promise to any wandering soul that happens by here and my two semi regular readers so far that encourage me with comments. I am so excited, it's like that original, "just starting out I can do this" feeling again. On the eating front before I forget: I'm counting points again which I may do for a few weeks and then alternate with calories, BFL type eating, etc. I like to change things up here and there with my eating as well as exercise. I have to say, the points plan on WW is what finally brought me successful weight loss after 2 years of working out hardcore and trying to count calories, it blew my mind at first and it still works now as long as I am not feeling burnt out and likely to halfass it or estimate too much. In addition, if you don't eat exercise points or flex (pick your own silly term) you don't lose as much, at least I did not. I completely came to a standstill for over a month, became frustrated, then proceeded to start steadily losing again when I added 2-3 pts a day. I like having a program to follow, it's easy, and I can do it in my head for the most part which doesn't require astronomical financial expenditures.

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