Sunday, September 10, 2006

5 days on track and still feeling very good about it. I managed to stick to my plan despite staying at a resort and eating at a gourmet southwestern place and the added temptation of other's paying for it and telling me to order anything I wanted. I did not worry about eating something diet friendly, I just made a choice based on what sounded the best on the menu to me and it ended up being the vegetarian platter! This included: a goat cheese enchilada which was the size of a pencil (though not as long) and then all the veggie sides on the menu-pesto whipped potatoes, black bean banana mash, sauteed mushrooms, steamed asparagus, and jalapeno cheddar grits. I had three drinks over the course of the evening (compared to everyone else that probably had twice that or more) and only a few bites of the kiwi lime creme brulee. This was my "free" meal and then yesterday I was right back to eating more mindfully. I also kept points low (though I did not starve myself) Friday in preparation for that dinner. Saturday I got up, had fruit with yogurt and some coffee, the buffet was huge and I'm proud of navigating it without breakfast tacos and cheese hash browns ending up on my plate, and then we all seperated and I got my suit on and headed to the pool. Do you count going the length of the pool as a lap, or is it all the way down and back is one? I either did 6 or 12 laps of this huge pool, depending on how you look at it, and I felt great. I then laid about and got a bit of color and read my Sh@pe magazine, which was actually pretty good this time. They had an article on activity oriented for women only retreats, like surfing, skiing, and yoga. I want to go on one of these sooo badly. The yoga retreat in Jamaica lets you bring the family, you just take time out to practice yoga, get daily massages, and I don't even remember what else. John Reid has to be 3 so that gives me time to roll up spare change for ten years until he's 11 and we can afford it.
The resistance band workout thing is still blowing my mind but I'm going with it. My entire body has been sore all weekend, which I stopped achieving with free weights due to no one to spot me. The last time I had a spotter it was a guy from the gym that I decided I should avoid. He was definitely interested in me and that is just something I don't need to complicate my life. Hubby refuses to do anything more than play softball or walk the dog so he's not any help, and yet other people willing to help would be guys that more than likely have ulterior motives. I wish I had some strong fitness minded girlies, but alas all my friends are more interested in doing as little as humanly possible and cooking/eating extremely fattening foods. I feel like I have zero support, actually negative if you really look at it. Not only are these people unsupportive, they look down on me because of how I choose to live. I guess I'll send them a postcard from the surfing retreat when I'm 60.

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