Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No yoga yesterday, I just did not have an hr to devote out of the day, but we did take a family walk at a really fast pace with our lovely pup (can a really old dog be referred to as "pup"?) and our beautiful boy. We went around 1.3 miles, maybe a bit further, with three excellent hills comprimising the majority of our route. I then did a bit of yoga, mainly stretches though instead of strength moves, and went to bed fairly early. Eating was on par, down a pound overnight, but still not recovered completely back to my low weight two-three weeks ago. I hate it that I bounce around so much and waste so much time, but that is what I get for over indulging both weekends. I could be practically at goal if I would just stop it, damnit. This weekend is going to be a challenge too, boo hoo, poor me for having social activities. Friday night dinner and movie with Hubby as our Boy will be visiting Grammie C, then best friend's birthday bash at at local ***** hotel Saturday night. I'm determined to not screw everything up though, I just want to drop about 5 more lbs then maintain until warm weather again. I think lower than 5 will be hard to maintain and I'm not willing to act all crazy when it's sweater/jeans season anyway. We will see, my plan is to focus on exercise a lot more instead of micromanaging my calories so much, which I think will be a great way to maintain and enjoy myself a lot more. Hopefully I can build some decent muscle mass with an increase in cals too, I guess sort of a bulking phase. So cutting for a bit more, than bulking which I am majorly looking forward to. Today: full body free weights workout with dumbbells, walking if I have time but schoolwork will probably knock that out of being an option.

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