Friday, January 26, 2007

Yoga was on the schedule this morning but when I awoke, DOM had hit me pretty hard, especially in the chest area. I couldn't face the vinyasa sequence over and over at the time (plank, push ups, upward dog, downward dog). Anyway, I told myself I'd figure out something later and harrumphed through my morning, got to class, picked up my transcript, went to the grocery, and went to the post office for a lifetime, or at least it felt that way. I tried something today-this Org. Chem class is a doozy, so I dressed sort of "up", professional clothes that I would have worn to the office that just sit in my closet now that I'm home most of the time being Mama. It did affect my mental outlook and I felt more in control and sharper. It is truly strange what our minds are capable of if only we allow it.
I've felt out of sorts lately at home and then at around 4:30 Husband proposed a family walk and then also a visit to feed the ducks some bread. I jumped on the chance and ended up walking at a good pace pushing the stroller for at least an hr, maybe a bit more. Family time and burnt more calories than I would have doing the yoga that I just wasn't feeling today. We went to dinner and I ordered sensibly, had only one beer, and took half my meal home. I had what I wanted and what I wanted just also happened to be good choices.
I could have fleshed this out a bit but I'm actually pretty worn out and Husband is lobbying for bed.

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