Monday, January 29, 2007

I need to post but right now nothing floating around upstairs is worth committing to ye olde blogosphere. It's been a hairy couple of days: workout since Saturday posts due to studying ass off for first exam
3.first exam sucked ass
4.sick toddler
5.took time out from studying last night to make a new spaghetti squash dish that I was looking forward to eating today, dropped container getting it out of fridge, which shattered and ruined the whole thing with me not getting even one bite
6.myriad other crappy things
7. PMS
8.appt. with uroligist early in the morning to hopefully find out what the hell is wrong with me and maybe finally have sex again after MONTHS
TMI? So sorry, but I'm so miserable I don't care at this point.

Lots of good posts out there, I intend to comment when I can get my head straight.


metamorphose said...

Just dropped by your blog for the first time, and I have to say, it hurt my heart to read about your poor spaghetti squash dish. I hope you have better days coming.

Kada said...

Gah! I've been trying to leave a comment for days now and it wasn't working. Can't even remember what I was initially gonna say now!

Hope you're feeling better soon and that you get allll the lovin' you could want! {hugs}

Erin said...


Stopped by YOUR blog and love it! Added you to the links I click pretty much daily on the sidebar. The entry about the Katami peaked my interest, that's one of the reasons I like yoga-sore obliques!

Erin said...


Thanks for the well wishes and the hug, that was a really bad night but I'm doing much better now. Weird things afoot with me physically but nothing that can't be fixed. I've been meaning to leave you comments too, I'll get to it tonight hopefully.