Sunday, January 14, 2007

So I read just a bit of the beginning of DG's journey, and after eating a venison/jalapeño sandwich I went and hopped on the elliptical for a gut busting 20 minutes. If the question was, "Is this going to hurt if I do cardio immediately after eating? then the answer is I got a stitch with 8 minutes to go but I powered through and went the distance. Not only did I finish, but a new personal best of 4.5 miles in 20 minutes (previously 4.4) and the workout went faster than it has ever before I think. I was done a whole song and a half before I usually am which means I didn't take nearly as many breaks to catch my breath and calm my heart rate down-in short MORE FIT! Yay! Another question answered is what happens if my HRM says 190? I feel like puking, that's what, but at least with the knowledge of where it is at I can tone it down immediately instead of telling myself I'm being a wimp and to push on when in reality, not a good idea.
Midsection is squidgy again after not eating so great the last few days and drinking da beers, but I am back on track.
Oh, and while doing the end of my workout I could not help but dance on the elliptical, then when its buzzer chimed I hopped off and danced like a crazy woman for probably another ten minutes, I just felt so alive and happy and the music was excellent. The songs that really made me move my butt today:

Gone Daddy Gone-Gnarls Barkley
Ooh La La-Goldfrapp
Rock the Casbah-The Clash
Such Great Heights-The Postal Service

Unexpected visit from in-laws, tired 18 month old, and a desperately needed trip to the grocery store despite the torrential downpour and borderline freezing temps all mean I have to put it in high gear, just wanted to update that my mood is swinging around like a chimp on a chandelier.

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