Friday, June 20, 2008

So Day 2 of no caffeine or alcohol is going well.

But let me backtrack a bit.
Thank you all for your kind comments regarding my grandmother, she is doing as well as can be expected is just not a good situation and it is not going to be a good situation. Kada, I hope your Nan improves as well, so sorry to hear she is having a hard time.
I haven't posted anything because our son came down with a fever Tuesday night and then by Wednesday noon it was almost 103 and I started wigging out. I had it in my mind somehow that his brain would boil if he got any hotter (not sure where I heard that) and tylenol was not bringing it down. I put him in a lukewarm bath and brought it down about a degree and the doc called back in and we got him in at 4:30 that day, our doc's office rocks on the sick child appts. The old one was terrible. By that point I had already called my husband crying (I got less than 5 hrs of sleep and was so worried, not a good combination) and he came home from work and took him to the doctor. After I had already called him I calmed down and could have done everything myself but it was nice to be rescued I have to admit.

I have done an hr of power yoga twice this week and it felt great and it amazed me AS ALWAYS (when will I learn) how sore it makes me when I don't practice for awhile and how great it makes me feel. I am trying a sort of break from alcohol and caffeine for awhile, not sure how long really as we go on vacation soon and I am already getting pressured about drinking-maybe I will just tell them no, what a novel idea. The alcohol is not a problem but boy howdy I sure am wanting coffee today, it is creepy how often I have had these little whispers to just go make a cup and how it is silly to go without it. That is obviously a problem. What do I hope to gain from this? Hopefully better sleep and a more alert state with more energy.

Another note of weirdness: Yesterday I felt huge, just unwieldy and gross, hard to explain. Apparently I was bloated up about 2 inches through my midsection. I swear my body is so strange, even my new bigger clothes were not fitting and today they are loose. Bizarre.


G.G. said...

You really are being put through the wringer lately! Hope your son feels better soon, too. With a fever that high, it's no wonder you were worried.

I've been off caffeine this year, been back on, and am thinking about going back off.I'm wondering if my anxiety has something to do w/ the fact that I'm eating so well that the artificial stimulation is superfluous and making me jumpy.

Bodies are just weird, aren't they?

M@rla said...

Holy crap, it's been a bad week for you! So sorry for all the stress.

The only thing I know about little children is that high fevers are not as serious as they are in adults. Not that it's OKAY to have a high fever, but that it's not as dangerous.

You know what, I have been SERIOUSLY bloated for at least 3 weeks now, it came on so gradually I'm not sure when I noticed that it was a problem. I have no other scary symptoms so I'm almost certain it's dietary, but it's difficult to track down. I just haven't been able to schedule a serious elimination diet, because we've had big social events EVERY weekend recently.

There are so many things that can cause bloat, and lots of them are good for you in other ways - like the high-fiber vegetables! But also coffee, alcohol, sugar, fruit, wheat products... let me know if you have any Clinical Nutritionist theories.

Erin said...

Yes bodies ARE weird! Here I thought caffeine gave me a little boost and I am finding I have more energy now that I am off of it. I plan on writing about a book I am reading soon, I thought of you and think you might like it too.

Erin said...


Hope you are finding relief from the bloating, I am not for some reason yet and I've been taking ibuprofren quite a bit so I am wondering if that is it like you mentioned. My lady time also interferes though it didn't used to, I was the bitch that never got symptoms like bloating or cramps. Anyway, from a nutrtition point of view there are all kinds of foods, additives and minerals that cause bloating. Not getting enough water, eating more fiber when then you usually do (though your body will adapt and eating MORE fiber is a good idea along with lots of water)<----don't want to encourage another bloating componenet, constipation, there are some foods that patients with colostomies are told to avoid because they are odor causing, I imagine those would be good to avoid (sure would be helpful if I could list them off the top of my head) too much salt, MSG etc, hidden sodium in foods like mustard or lunch meats etc, bread, weight training causing water retention in the muscle, the heat makes me bloat! and I know you are in the hot zone like me.
Ok I'll stop. I think the best advice is drink even MORE water than before.