Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 7 of no caffeine or alcohol! Also:finally answered comments from Friday so check that out if you want.

No headaches anymore, had a grizzly bear of one last night and had to take more motrin even though I tried to avoid it. The pain was so bad I couldn't go to sleep so I gave in-
What I am really buzzed about right now is I had just about argued myself into skipping my workout today (planned weight training) but went out there and did some anyway. I doubt it was anymore than 20 minutes at most, which is paltry but I DID it. I wasn't feeling that boost though that I wanted from the workout which was definitely a let down. So I knocked out an assignment for my online class (bane of my existence right now) which made me feel amazing and then I went and did a 30 minute yoga workout I had recorded and LOVED IT. It was great! I cannot stress enough how awesome and FREE-called Namaste Yoga on Fit TV, I am definitely recording the series now and will do it as much as humanly possible. The sequences were not too difficult but got my blood pumping and lifted my mood. The woman's voice leading the class and the people demonstrating were soothing and beautiful, very nice. I turned the FIOS guide on to find Fit Tv to make sure the whole thing recorded and a show called Shimmy was on and it was belly dancing. I didn't hesitate, just jumped up and did it and LOVED IT too! That is now being recorded as well. That one I only did 15 minutes of (caught the end) and it was wearing me out but it was actually fun, something that has been missing lately. Two wins for Fit Tv, will be trying all star workout as well, it has boot camp classes, kick boxing you name it. If you can get this channel I recommend it.

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G.G. said...

About what you said on my blog--yeah, "highly cognitive" would be one way to describe it. "Stuck in my head" would be another way. I wonder if you've ever taken the Gregorc Learning Style Delineator test? Gregorc theorized that people fall into a one of four dominant learning style types--if you haven't taken it, you might find it interesting. I was an "abstract sequential." I think that's another way of saying highly cognitive . . . .

I saw one of those yoga classes on FitTV--looked cool!