Friday, June 13, 2008

Are we there yet?

I've eaten well for two days (yesterday was sort of a miss) and worked out a bit here and there so why am I not magically fitting back in to my clothes yet? This is what my silly brain seems to think will happen. Um, no, it took about two months to grow OUT of the clothes so I don't think that will be fixed in a few days. Our beach vacation that has been planned for practically a year is coming up in 3 weeks and I am more flabby and unable to fit into anything than I have been since losing the baby weight two yrs ago. Argh.
BUT! I am getting nicely visible back muscles, shoulders and arms are looking good and my legs feel strong again. Nevermind the giant ugly bruise by right knee caused by a loaded barbell swinging down onto it off the bench. I am sure it will still be there, my bruise and me hanging out on the sand with a Modelo in hand.
On my calendar today is some form of cardio or alternative exercise like yoga but I have yet to do anything but sit on the computer and it is getting hotter by the minute. Like M@rla our temps are consistently around 100 degrees F here and if I don't get out there before ten it is miserable.
I did lift Wed. morning and then rode my bike around the block. That was followed by moving furniture around my mom's new apt and then swimming at her friend's pool. It had a diving board and I dove over and over-haven't done that in at least ten yrs and wasn't sure I would remember how. We had great fun and it was way better than standing around getting waterlogged. I made potato salad yesterday but our mayo looked sketchy (rarely eat it) so I threw in lite sour cream instead of it tastes pretty good though a little....sour creamy, haha!
Have venison steaks marinated in the fridge, may pick up some corn to grill as well and serve that with the potato salad. FIL is coming to stay the weekend and Husband seems to want to cook for him though I would rather get take out then worry with someone else's opinion. I do not feel guilty over that, heh.


M@rla said...

I am jealous--I never learned how to dive! I'm going to put that on my List.

That's a good idea with the sour cream.

G.G. said...

Hope you have fun at the beach in a couple of weeks!

Thanks for your comment. It was very sweet.

M@rla said...

And anytime I go on a diet/exercise program, I run up my closet after TWO HOURS to try on all my clothes and see if they fit.