Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh my goodness, I must have been slacking on the fiber, I am just FOUL today and that is all I'll say about that.
Another great day, ate well and spent several hrs reading a great book and I just got back from a quickly paced 30 min walk. I intended on maybe lifting weights too but I feel too shaky and I have promised myself I will do it in the morning. I feel good right now though and that is what matters. I need to wear my pedometer and see how far since I lengthened the distance by adding in two more loops I used to leave out through the neighborhood.

Tonight was turkey Tuesday on the menu so we had a dish I had already made Sunday. We had turkey bratwurst and extra lean turkey bacon cooked so I chopped that up and added it to whole wheat spiral pasta with a 2% Italian three cheese mix and sauteed sweet peppers and onion. Mixed that together with basil marinara sauce and baked it for about 25 minutes. Turned out great, in fact describing it just made my mouth water, maybe that's the low blood sugar talking. Threw the marinated shrimp stuff from last night into a flat-out wrap with some shredded 2% cheddar and spinach leaves for lunch, I am trying for more variety now but I was worried about leaving the shrimp for too long.
Gotta drink my little 3 oz yogurt (post workout recharge, low cal and has good mix of electrolytes naturally) and then tackle my school work. Boo.

I'm not dropping scale weight but since I cleaned up my act my body looks and feels a lot more like I am comfortable with and I am feeling good.

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M@rla said...

OMG that sounds delicious. I've got some Untrammeled Days coming up, and I'm totally planning on some sort of macaroni and cheese.