Thursday, June 26, 2008

I just did an hr long Latino/African dance class off of Fit Tv with MaDonna Grimes as the instructor and I had so much fun! Not to mention burning 600 calories. something I usually can only do with several workouts or feeling halfdead when I walk out of the gym. I did this in my living room and it was fun and new and awesome. Everytime I have tried to do a dvd off netflix or something like that I haven't liked it so I thought maybe this type of thing was just not for me. I think maybe I just tried the wrong ones.
Happy Birthday Honey! Not that you read this. heh.


Kada said...

I just did 40 mins of aerobics. Land aerobics! First time since August last year. Wheeeeee!
I'd forgotten how much fun this stuff is.

And water aerobics last week? Even funner!

I'm gonna keep an eye out for some of that dancin' stuff as I get fitter. Sounds like an ace thing to do! :)

M@rla said...

You're good - Ii can't do any of that dance stuff, I'm too uncoordinated. Happy birthday to the DH.

MARLA said...

OK it's been weeks since you posted - I need updates on every detail of your life. Thank you.