Thursday, June 07, 2007

I don't comment on your blogs as often as I should, I feel inadequate at best when I am really struck by something you post. All of you. Marla, many of your posts really strike a cord with me and yet I'm not sure what to say that would be of any worth to the already lovely writing. The post about food pushing especially hit me but I have yet to say anything. And my inspiring Seattle friend Dynamo360, your thinking posts, well they make me think. Ha! So like my own posting, I will strive to stop being frozen from commenting because I DO want you to know I think you rock.
Hamstring is fine now but I started getting miserably sick last night. I feel like the highest frequency germ factory on the planet. Not the ILLEST person by any means as there are so many people dealing with seriously gnarly stuff, but I have persistent crappy colds, allergies, fatigue, etc. I blame Texas. Only half joking here.
Had fucked up dreams last night that I woke up and we were already in Vail and I totally did not remember the flight or the drive which led to panicking wondering if I had drank or taken something. And the mountains were more like molehills and I was so disappointed that I had finally gotten a chance to share them with my mom and then the betrayed me by being hills, and my dad was there with my brother (parents are recently divorced) and there was a repair dude named Clovis working on the water line? He looked like Morgan Freeman.
My throat is super swollen, my voice is hoarse and I feel all woozy. Perfect to go to a high altitude! I told my mom it would be in the 20s at night and she freaked! "Where are you taking me??" haha.
Huge day ahead of me, gotta finish the packing of the suitcase and then get to school then rush to my moms, eat and pick her up and then start the hellish process that is the airport. I hate airports, all of the check points and toll booths and what have you give me extreme anxiety.
Still not dieting, don't think I ever will again. THAT gives me peace.


Dynamo360 said...

I don't post for comments but it's always nice to hear that one rocks in anothers book. :) Feeling is mutual. ;P

Glad to hear there was no serious damage done lifting the other day though sorry about the illness setting in. I swear by dragon slayers: everything hot you can think of all mixed up in the blender and downed in a shot glass. Dispusting but mucho effective.

Have a good time in the mountains. I'm sure you'll return feeling energized!! :)

M@rla said...

Thanks for the kind words! I know what you mean, though. I pretty much shoot my wad writing my own posts, and then when it comes to commenting I don't have anything to say except stupid trite stuff, or that's how it seems to me. I suppose we should stop worrying about it; it's just nice to be supported and the hell with whether it's incredibly witty or brilliant or whatever.