Sunday, June 24, 2007

Good Lord I am sore. I finally got a lifting session in Friday, and thought maybe something was wrong because it only took me thirty minutes, but in reality I worked harder than I usually do. I burned 330 calories in around 33 minutes and what I had considered a good workout was 400 something in 45 to an hr, so you do the math because it is too early.
We then went to some friends' for the day yesterday and I spent the day running after wee ones and swimming. I actually swam instead of standing in the water like everyone else and I think I got some decent activity in and it felt good to glide through the water and to spin in circles.
I now feel sure I have hit upon what clicks in MY brain. I would still eat badly or drink when it was geared towards not getting fat again. I knew that in reality doing that here and there or even a little each week would only be a temporary blip on the weight loss radar, yet when I approach every single thing I do with the question of, "would my body like this, am I taking care of my good friend that makes life worth living?" I don't eat badly at all or have the desire to. It may be just calling it a different name but I don't think so. Knowing how the body truly works (I've taken a LOT of biology courses now) has changed how I view the wonder that is the human body completely. It is an absolutely amazing machine and I am not abusing it anymore.
I think this new nerve med is working and I am so excited that I might feel like a normal woman again. It is also much more friendly than the previous med that I wasted time with, when I first wake up I feel completely put under, but if I get up and get moving, no problem really.
So two workouts, eating is going well, freaky woman troubles under control or at least on their way: life is good.


Kada said...

Hooray. So very glad to hear that life's treating you good again.

Freaky woman troubles? Did I miss what that's about, or is it not something to be shared over the internet?

M@rla said...

Ooh, that math is easy (because I have a calculator right here). Your 30 minute workout burned 10 calories per minute; your 45-60 minute workout burned 8.8-6.6 calories per minute.

Sorry to hear about your FIL. It's true we forget that skinny doesn't necessarily equal healthy. I like your new line of thinking. Alwyn Cosgrove writes about asking yourself "does this [food] bring me closer or farther from my goal?" and I think that's a good way to view it, whether the goal is health or WL or whatever. It removes the "moral" aspect to the food, it's not a matter of temptation and guilt, it puts the food on very practical terms, and tones down the emotional aspect.

Good luck on your freaky woman troubles and new nerve pill!

Dynamo360 said...

I can totally relate to this post!

When I am doing things that are fulfilling to me my proccupation with food goes away. It's so weird!!

Glad things are going well. :)

Erin said...


I think I'll explain more about freaky woman troubles in my next post or at least soon as it is affecting my workouts (the med that is).

Erin said...


Thanks! Thinking about food in relation to if it is GOOD for my body, not so much my pant size, has revolutionized everything for me. I thought I was doing this before, but now I see how wrong I was...

Erin said...


I am concerned about you, I know if you took down your post you had good reason and I won't demand an explanation, but I didn't even get to look at the pictures yet!
Anyway, now that I am looking at food basically in black and white, whether it will allow me to do the things I want to do as I grow older or not, life is so much easier. Not to mention the energy I was expending worrying about calories and fat grams.