Thursday, June 14, 2007

Being sick is no fun to talk about and even less fun to deal with, but today I seem to be on my way finally to being better. I ALMOST slept through the night last night and have only coughed periodically today. Normal daily activity (which for me is quite a lot being a mom and student, etc) is completely wiping me out so no workouts yet though I am itching to get back to it. We're discussing muscle in my anatomy class and I found myself daydreaming during lecture about really busting ass-knowing the science behind stuff really allows my inner geek to blossom.
I've been doing great on body image and self acceptance, eating "normally" etc. but I'm getting some anxiety about this weekend, having to wear a bathing suit in front of Hubby's snotty friends and critical family. Meh. The thing is if I really examine this anxiety there's not much to base it on...they may notice I'm squishier and then guess what...they'll immediately move on to something else. They DON'T CARE, I project that on to them I think. What a waste of time, maybe I should be worrying more about what cool stuff I can talk about, though I hate to admit these aren't exactly intellectuals I'll be dealing with...
So I'm flabby from not working out and being sick and now I'm plunging head first into a Weekend of Food and Drinking, I'll not be refusing anything but I will be ONLY eating as much as I want of what I want and the food pushers can kiss my newly rounded ass.

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Dynamo360 said...

Haha! Great tone in this post Erin. I love the sound of all of it. :)

I can so relate to projecting on other folks in the way you describe. It's hard when the inner criticism is so harsh ya know?

From the little bit that I can tell in reading about you I think you are beautiful - rounded ass and all. ;)