Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Found out late last night that my father in law (technically his step-dad but we count him more than the natural one) has diabetes, his blood sugar was 320!!! and one of his kidneys had completely atrophied. More news this morning, not only completely atrophied but covered with cysts and the other kidney is infected and has a stone so large it will have to be removed surgically. I did not sleep well.
What a wake up call to quit being silly and to take are of myself and my family and to be true to what I believe in rather than pursuing this half assed notion of being "normal" again. Fuck being normal, I think I'd rather be an abnormal health nut.


Dynamo360 said...

Shit!!! I'm sorry to hear about your FiL. :(

Sometimes it takes that kind of thing to serve as a wake up call... it sucks though.

susanne said...

Wow! Hope he recovers well from the surgery and gets the diabetes under control quickly. Had he had any inkling at all that he was ill (wouldn't surprise me if he hadn't; I'm terrified this will happen to me someday).

Erin said...

Thank you both, the only thing he had noticed was lower back pain and then he saw blood in his urine and asked to go to the hospital, told my MIL to finish eating her dinner first. She said, "I think I'll take this food off the grill and we'll go right NOW." More news in: the atrophied kidney looks like it has been that way since birth, so that was good news in a way. They are managing the diabetes with meds and have put a stint in to work on the kidney infection and air pockets. It could take 6 months to a year though from what the doc said. Big time wake up call here.

Kada said...

Thanks for the wak up call. It helped me to avoid the burger meal last night, that I really didn't want.

Hope it wakes him up too!