Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Not sure what look I'm striving for here, plainly I am HOLDING A MONKEY, a dream fulfilled (erin=monkey obsessed for those not in the know), I just drove an ATV in a foreign country through a really for real jungle, and our guide was named Hoss, so I should be grinning from ear to ear but I think I was bowled over by the holding of a monkey thing. Here are some pictures of the cenote we snorkled in:

The beach was gorgeous but I don't have many pictures of it since I brilliantly deduced that my mom was taking pics of it and I didn't need to, momentarily LOSING MY DAMN MIND since it takes forever to get photos from her and by God, I have entries to write. I found a huge shell in a tidal pool like you get from tourists shops and I picked up pieces of coral off the beach. Here is a pic of some rocks I climbed out on:

And photographic evidence that I married the right man:

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