Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Yet another:

I have gone crazy with the vegetarian eating type thing, and let me tell you, crazy never felt so good. Meat, schmeat I say, though I have decided to brach out from various legumes and bought some tofu squares to try and come up with something, I'm a little nervous about that but "nothing ventured, nothing gained", right?
My latest success is homemade bean burgers, and I have to say they are kicking ass, esp. the ones I made today. I cook up a bag of black beans (which generally keeps me fed for a week, 66 cents-can't beat that) and then I make different things out of the huge mess. To make the burgers I take cooked black beans, plain non-fat yogurt, ground cumin, lemon pepper, chili pepper, and whole wheat flour-mix that bowl o' stuff up and make patties, proceed to fry said patties in a light amount of olive oil. Today they kicked more ass because I chopped a clove of garlic and some purple onion, sauteed that and then put it in the mix before frying the patties. HELL YEAH, ya'll, I am serious. Ya'll-as in myself since no one reads this.
What else have I made that's yummy? *taps fingers...Ah! Roasted veggie dip-roast a pan of defrosted frozen veggies (olive oil and sea salt on veggies, bake at 375 until starting to turn colors) threw those bad boys in teh cuisenart with some plain non-fat yogurt, chopped fresh garlic, olive oil, spices etc. I just blended it until it was starting to be smooth but still had a rough texture. HELL YEAH once again people, dip some baby carrots and cucumber slices in that stuff and BLAU, flavor party in your mouth. Yeah I said it. Lentil burritos are good too, like bean burritos but with lentils mashed up a little.
Tofu master 2006 coming soon.

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