Sunday, August 06, 2006

Slowly adding links to pages I read...I know I left many out but I need to be places other than sitting in this chair and I really would like to take the time to seperate categories out, etc. We will see.


Mar!a said...

Hey! Good to see you posting, you lurker!

That's interesting about your coursework in Nutrition. I was just bitching about bad nutritionists in a recent post, so I'm glad to see there will be another good one out there.

Erin said...

Thanks for coming by and commenting, my first comment, WOO!
I read about the Ken's Steakhouse dressing business and was admittedly horrified. I actually cringed a little bit, I guess it goes to show you there's "geniuses" in every walk of life. For the record I am anti-fat free dressings, suggest "lite" versions instead or a nice dressing made from a little olive oil, lemon juice, etc.
I am excited that due to how I arrived at wanting to be involved in Nutrition (losing weight myself and reading tons of blogs) I feel that I'll be better able to actually help people.