Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A slightly moldy post I wrote elsewhere:

There's so much I want to write and yet I have no time or opportunity it seems. Yoga is still going beautifully, I even used it to help me before/during/after my exam last night. Inversion poses are supposed to help center and calm you so I did that for a bit before I left for school, and then practice my deep even breating walking in and the rest of the night. It was hands down the least stressful I have been taking an exam that I was concerned over-and I raised my grade considerably. 76-89. I wish I would have done better than the 89 but I tried as hard as I could considering circumstances, and I have to say I have never taken exams so strangely worded and flat out hard. The class is highly enjoyable, but the tests are ridiciulous. I am an A student and it looks like I'll barely get by with an A, and more likely easily get a B. I'm controlling my "issues" (anger, impatience, irritability, controlling tendencies) with yoga and meditation and feel healthier than I have been in years. Not only mentally healthier, but my hips and bands, tendons, etc. are stronger and much less sore, not to mention my lower back feels all better after I get done every other day and it seems to be keeping the knots at bay. Speaking of yoga and a bay, nice transition huh, I purchased a travel yoga mat that is thin and folds down into a flat square and I am taking that sucker to Mexico. Me, sunrise (hmm optimistic much?) the ocean, Mayan ruins, and my favorite exercise in the world that is really more of a healing therapy that gives you exhilarting feelings previously only known through sex. Did I mention I'm excited?

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