Thursday, August 03, 2006

I'm not sure where I fit.

The mere idea of an "About Me" statement seems to have stolen my eloquence and rendered me a speechless bobble head. Not to mention the fact that my one year old son is attempting to wrestle my pen as I write, something I've had to resort to due to the simple fact that I can't get on the computer anytime I feel the urge, Mama duties call you know. Hence-my struggle to fill up this space in a timely manner.

If weightloss and the quest to be fit is considered a journey, boy have I taken detours along the way. I woke up and started actually making an effort to improve my quality of life and body around Halloween of 2001, so of course I have encountered thousands (it seems) of the proverbial speed bumps that sometimes derailed the whole endeavor, but luckily more times than naught I'd get that fire lit under my ass again and try again.

I'm not sure if I want to recount the trials and tribulations up to this point, I may just jump in right where I am instead of feeling overwhelmed and never visiting here again. As I already mentioned, I have a very active, curious little boy and I am working on a degree in Nutrition at night, so Hubby comes home to be with the wee one and I go to school 4-5 hrs, Monday thru Thursday. Tonight I'm required to disect a fetal pig. Did I mention I'm happy about that? No? Good, 'cause I'm not.


I have two and a half yrs left and I'll be a Registered Dietician, the coursework is heavy and takes a lot out of me and today I wish I could just rest, just for a minute...but the world doesn't stop when you want it to, and so here ends my whine for now.

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