Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tuesday's Workout:
800 kcal burned
ABABAB (so 3 sets)
EFEFEF format
AB-assisted pullups/dumbbell bench press
CD-assisted dips/dumbbell curls
EF-dumbbell standing shoulder press/dumbbell Yate's Row
30 min cardio

I am STILL sore but not in a hurt something way, just in a kicked my own ass kind of way.

Wednesday's Workout:
500 kcal burned
60 minute walk at quick pace thru park across the street which tends to be fairly hilly. No hard cardio as I don't want to hamper recovery, I am seriously sore this is not me taking it easy, and besides walking that much wasn't necessarily easy either.

Today's Workout:
730 kcal burned
format again, this time leg day.
AB-step ups/dumbbell deadlifts (one set of walking lunges then switched to step ups)
CD-calf raise/leg press
E-hamstring curl
Then another set of calf raises since I went way to easy on the weight starting out.
30 min cardio.
I feel like I am leaving something out, whether I am or not my legs are telling me I didn't REALLY leave anything out.
The men in the gym really started pissing me off, I'm not looking in the mirror to admire myself jackass-I'm watching my knees to make sure I stay straight coming back up in the dead lift and I really don't appreciate you standing directly in front of my reflection when the entire rest of the place is empty. It almost seemed like they did it on purpose, I can always tell the guys in the weight area (at least at the uni gym) are used to dominating the free weights area. By dominating I mean they merely exist in greater numbers than the females, not that they are actually showing anything great, standing around and sitting on the benches reading magazines seemed to be the order of today. I don't think I am better than anyone by any means but there blatant disregard of me and my efforts was completely uncool.
On the nutr front I'm avoiding starchy carbs in my last two mini meals of the day-opting for a lean protein and lots of veggies and maybe a little grapefruit. This just started Tuesday so too soon to really examine results but I am feeling good about it and myself in general. I'm still really tired, I'm still pressed for time but I'm working out and going full out. I hope that if I can push through the constant fatigue I can gain some energy. My main problems are the life of a student in my program is extremely sedentary by nature and I have finally realized I don't sleep deeply enough, the only time I really feel rested is if I take a sleep aid so I don't wake up over and over. So, gotta work on these things but I feel that I am now.
Oh, I'm also taking Claritin daily along with a women's multi and B complex and starting fish oil. Fish oil is one of the few supps that my profession approves of and the rest of it? I've examined the multi and even if it is useless I can afford it and the iron at least should help. I have indents halfway through my fingernails right now and am prone to iron deficiency bordering on anemia but I don't believe I need an iron supp at this point. M@rla has really helped me through reading her own experiences to see that I too react really badly to allergens in the air and so taking the Claritin daily is helping with that as well.
Hope all is well for everyone, just had to update even if it's mainly stats and not too deep. It's been so infrequent I actually had to redo my login to post. Yikes.

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