Friday, March 07, 2008

I'm a smart gal, a realist most of the time and have quite a bit of knowledge stowed away regarding nutrition and fitness. This does not stop me from being a tiiiiiny bit unhappy that I am working out hardcore and eating well and not showing a loss after three days (I did two workouts on two of those days so in my mind I keep wanting to convert that to 5 workouts). This is ridiculous, the scale is not a good reflection and I am aware of that and trust me this does not make me want to derail or anything negative. It just bugs me that I am finally kicking it into gear again and "nothing" is happening. I haven't taken measurements or anything like that and a few days is not generally enough to feel a difference in my clothes but it is just irritating. Perhaps this is just how it goes when you workout a lot and eat modestly, my super hero friend M@rla may suffer from this as the damned scale was not a friend despite honest hard work towards weight loss. I do see the numbers fall if I do daily walks and have a really tight reign on calories and sodium but which would I choose: muscles and a tighter body though not a lower number on the scale or little muscle and a flat ass. Really, it's not even a choice but an easy path to see.
Today is supposed to be a walk or yoga day, I gotta get some type of recovery level calorie burning in but I just don't know where that fits-there's tons of snow outside and my schedule at school does not allow a visit to the gym there. I gotta do SOMEthing, maybe I'll handwash the kitchen floor and other things like that. While wearing my HRM of course, I am a nerd after all.

As of this morning: 154.6 lbs, 33% BF, 47.5 on hydration. I've been at 32% BF (at a 48 hydration) for so damn long I want that to drop, forget the weight number. If the weight stays exactly the same and the BF goes down I will dance a jig in the street. On a positive note though, the fancy pants scale at the Plano hospital I've seen some clients at showed me to be about 65% muscle. That was about twice the amount of the other student I was working with, not that I am sitting around comparing myself to her but it was a good feeling to hear that number. Hopefully I can check that again after I continue on my workout schedule for a couple months.
Oh yeah back to the snow, this is Texas. We just don' Actually as far as I'm concerned snow is great but ice is not and while I may drive safely the other people do not, especially idiots in non 4 wheel drive pickups with no weight put in the bed. Fishtail anyone? I wish I had time to really bundle up and go across the street to play in the park.

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M@rla said...

Wow, you are doing some incredible workouts! Keep that up and the scale will soon be your bitch!

Don't you think that after workouts you hold water in your muscles? I don't know if it's true or not, but it seems like a good theory to me. When I used to weigh myself, it was stunning how much I could fluctuate in one day--I think my record was an 8-pound difference in 24 hours. I've also gained 3 pounds while sleeping.

I also doubt the accuracy of scales, at least the consumer type. I think they're good for a general idea, but not for showing small losses, which really is all you could expect in a few days. I mean, you might have actually lost 3 pounds, and I know I wouldn't trust my scale to necessarily show it. That's within its margin of error.

Anyway you are doing some really impessive work!