Monday, March 10, 2008

After riding high on optimism for days now I am really struggling today, I think it all tracks back to my energy levels and how I am exhausted most of the time by existing in a constant state of stress. Inner voices right now are urging me to eat something terrible tonight and to have a drink or two or three...weird how I can feel on top of the world for days on end and then get really tired or have a crappy day and I sink down into the swamp.
I wanted to write this because it is not all roses or easy even when it seems like it is-I doubt I'll get in my legs workout today, I feel really OFF physically, not sure how to put it-like I'm on another planet. This is not entirely new, this happens to me periodically and I think the ability to climb back on the proverbial horse is the important thing here. I hate the idea that I fought my way through the weekend and felt really proud of that and now I am failing and I don't have a strong desire to stop the damage.

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