Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yesterday was yet another non stop mindless eating day so I guess stopping myself Monday didn't work that well, unless you count the food I didn't inhale at that point. I ticked off another planned workout which made me feel very good about myself, and it was cardio on the elliptical which has been extremely hard lately for some reason. I went to go get started and hit the play button on my iPod and nothing...uh, hell no! I need my music to get me through cardio, or so I thought. It pissed me off so I marched out there and knocked out my workout with no music, at night, after I took my med-extra points for me! Also, my heart rate did not shoot up too hight over and over this time like it has since I started this medication so that was encouraging.

Wow this post is dullsville, but I have an exam in a few hours for o chem and my brain would not let me sleep to my alarm, I kept dreaming I was getting married again and no one would really help me get ready or anything. Interestingly, my Husband was the groom in this dream but I had been married/started to marry someone before. I think I've been reading too many blogs, I read one about a girl getting married before I shut the lappy down last night.
Extremely proud that I am keeping my word on workouts and cut out the excuses though. There's the point to this in one sentence.


csmc said...

Keep the updates coming - it doesn't matter if it seems dull. It's all part of the process. ;)

Kada said...

Good for you for keeping the workouts coming. That in and of itself is a huge achievement. {hugs}