Thursday, April 12, 2007

I am loving all these comments! *takes a moment to roll around in the commenty goodness*
It's sort of a pain in the rear to leave comments on my own DARNED BLOG but I really do appreciate the support and knowing a have "internet friends" out there.
My lower body felt sore but not unmanageable when I got up today, and as I mentioned I scheduled out workouts yesterday through Saturday in Sparkpeople. I normally take the day after lifting off from any structured exercise but I thought a nice long walk would not only help a bit with the lack of workouts but sort of stretch my muscles out so they didn't feel too tight. I took our son in the jogging stroller for a 45 minute walk through the park under the shade trees arching over the path. The creek is pretty full and I couldn't help but think what a gorgeous day to be alive.
After sitting down for a minute when we got home my legs were so stiff I could barely walk, and I'm achy now but satisfied. There will be no peeling that monkey sticker off today's date on the calendar.
I'm cooking a veggie casserole of sorts tomorrow with butternut squash, red potatoes, and purple onion. I forgot grated Parmesan and large tomatoes for the top-anyway, I'm curious if anyone has any good recipes for butternut squash, I've never attempted any culinary magic with this particular variety of squash.
We're watching "Rocky Balboa" and I gotta say I didn't think it would be this good but I was just bouncing around on the couch like a loon during the match scene.


metamorphose said...

Ah yes...rolling around in comment love.

Sounds like you're doing awesome! Way to go!

Don't have any recipes, but I'm sure that Veggie does, somewhere on her blog. Do a search there -woman is a culinary delight!

M@rla said...

I'm sorry you've been through such a rough time lately - I haven't checked in for a few days so I wasn't even aware you were going through the grinder.

I think this weight lifting is a great thing for you. I find it improves my outlook a lot. I know there's a lot of debate about strength training vs. endless cardio (you can tell which side I'm on...) but health benefits aside, I find walking/ running/ treadmilling etc., to be incredibly tedious and a torture I can barely endure. Lifting weights always gives me an energy boost and immediate gratification. There's always progress in what I can do, and I start to feel the difference in my muscles within days. That's not been my experience with cardio! And of course I feel like I'm building myself, not tearing myself down. So anyway my point is that it's a good depression lifter.

Without daily access to the pull up machine, I definitely recommend pushups. I got big results with that very quickly. And there's a bunch of different variations in hand position that hit your muscles somewhat differently.

Krista is THE BOMB. But I also recommend not avoiding male-oriented fitness sites. That's where you find out the real stuff that really works.

Erin said...

Meta, you were not kidding about Veggie! She sounds like a wonderful cook, all her recipes look awesome, and I've wisely added her to the sidebar. Thanks!

Erin said...

I had a long comment typed here that I screwed up and erased.
I'm doing much better now, couldn't workout for those days that I was down due to an increase in my med, which led to a desire to soothe myself with food, which made me feel worse, etc. etc. etc. I got back to weights finally (on schedule) and have felt better since. Also planning more like I should have been doing in the first place has helped immensely. I am loving reading about your TT workouts and adventures and you have inspired me to try it myself if I can figure out where to fit it in my schedule. I may do it when I am away from the house and need a good workout (like aT the in laws). Also, I don't avoid other sites, male oriented or not and in fact have read anything you have ever linked to and found lots of good info each time. I just typed food instead of good, stupid subliminal messages.

I gotta say reading the recent stuff on Olympic lifting at Krista's really peaked my interest and also the profile on that was in one of the recent articles she posted under what's new. Way cool and inspiring.