Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Kick Ass

Just finished my "cardio" KB workout for this week and I pushed really hard and feel like puking. Who knew nausea was so exhilirating? Most of the time my mind is the only thing that holds me back. Not anymore. I am doing this. I've said that many times, perhaps I've gone at things with the wrong mindset. Reading some blogs I'm new to has really inspired and pushed me to quit being such a pansy. I'll highlight them later, they deserve attention, heck any blog I follow I think is great but a shout out never hurt anyone.
So I did 2 circuits of the workout followed by the max reps on all the core exercises. Examples of what I did today are:
front squat, 1KB 1 arm press on the swiss ball, 2 KB deadlifts, 1 arm rows, alternating leg lunges, triceps standing press, side lunges and 1 arm 1 KB military presses with sets of 25 two arm swings in between each superset and then windmills, opposite elbow-knee touches, KB russian twist, KB V sits, and then swiss ball plank. I am now drinking chocolate flavored Muscle Milk which I should have waited on-in case anyone cares, I'm having one scoop mixed with water.
I have to get in the shower even though my arms probably are too noodley to wash my hair so we can make a 4 yr old's birthday party. I will be eating something good for me that I like before we leave to avoid the subpar offerings. Should have waited on the protein drink as I am now experiencing a slight dumping syndrome feeling, it will pass. Lesson learned.


Carlos said...

dude! just reading about your workout made me tired

Erin said...

It is exhausting but very effective and you do something different each time so it doesn't get boring, I bore easily with workouts, and then proceed to lose all consistency with a regular schedule. Reading your blog is one of the things that spurred me on to get off my ass again today. Thanks for dropping by here!

Vickie said...

I am the one that had the beans and protein question on Mizfit that you so kindly answered.

I am back with another question:

"a while back I had several bloggers tell me that we were much better off using lowfat yogurt and cottage cheese (rather than non-fat) I don't remember the WHY exactly - but I did believe them and switched to low fat. We did stick with skim milk - but don't drink it plain - just use it for protein shakes and on cereal"
- thoughts????????

Marla said...

I love a workout that makes me puke ;-)

Vickie said...

I just realized that you are not 'on' every day - the link above will take you to the posting where I am keeping the non-fat/low fat information (all together so I can find it again).

and I too love a workout that takes me to edge of puke. It is so nice to read other bloggers talking about this - for a while I felt like I was the only one (or at least I couldn't find anyone else at that time).

Kada said...

LOL And here I was feeling exhilarated after my swim/poolwalk yesterday which caused me to have a three hour nap when I got home.(lunch was chicken cabbage and rice stirfry plus a gatorade)

I skipped the shower at the pool in favour of one when I got home. Mainly because I forgot to take a bra or any sort. (my god could you imagine, MY boobs at the moment, unsupported?) Thankfully it was warm enough to wear the swimsuit under my clothes when leaving.

How was the party?

Erin said...

I love knowing a kindred spirit!

Erin said...

Vickie-I left you a comment on your post, thank you for coming by and thank you for asking questions, I love to answer things and to help so please feel free. (sincerely)
People I know that exercise very little think I am nuts for enjoying a super hard workout that leaves me feeling all hurley but it can feel really empowering pushing your body to the limits (safely of course.)

Erin said...

Woman! You should feel great about the activity you are getting in with all the hip pain etc that you've been dealing with-I got to catch up on your doings a bit this morning. Sorry you are dealing with that, I think sleeping was the hardest thing for me during my pregnancy and also towards the end I could be standing there and he would lay on a nerve and come close to literally taking my legs out from under me! Really scared me mom, haha. The party was good, the kids had a good time. The hostess with good intentions harrassed me over and over about eating pizza so I finally had a slice of the veggie pizza and some salad and water. Once again I was sort of looked at like a weirdo but I should just be used to that by now I think! John Reid (our son) did not want to leave when it was time so I say a success!

Vickie said...


THANKS for your information!!!