Sunday, January 25, 2009

Week 1 KB Body completed!

So I did the third workout today despite not really having the get up and go. My left buttal region (to borrown a Marn phrase) started hurting almost immediately so that sort of put a dampner on it but I did it anyway. This workout was cardio focused so it was made up of supersets with two armed swings in between each superset, followed by some core exercises (I also did the cool down of course). I only did two circuits because of the buttal injury but I think I could have done 3, so that is already improvement. I found a website with some funky swim caps so I think I'll be trying to add swimming in on my off KB days perhaps, get some use out of the gym membership I signed up for (3 yr contract) and have not been using because they don't have kettlebells, bah.
Cooked pizza from scratch last night and I was so proud of myself I could not stop saying, "I am so proud of myself!" haha. The whole wheat crust was from Cooking Light and it was sort of a disaster but it turned out tasty despite the issues that came up. The dough kept clinging to my hands despite adding a lot more flour to it than the recipe even said and it was really pissing me off. I know if your hands are warm that can be a problem, I kept running them under cold water. I finally got it in a bowl but might not have kneaded it enough since it was making me mad, and it did rise and I punched it back down. It was still really sticky though and trying to roll it out made me scream. The recipe was supposed to make two twelve inch pies but I made one big misshapen one. I topped it with sauce I made of tomatoes, garlic, basil and parsley, and shallots cooked down, a four cheese 2% fat Italian mix and sweet Italian turkey sausage, maybe 1 and a half links total. It turned out delicious but the crust of course grew really big and crazy and I had a hard time cooking it through without burning the top. All in all it was very, very tasty and I added a big romaine/tomato salad to mine and our son's plates.
I just contacted a CSA here and am hoping to get a membership and get really creative with vegetables, locally grown, organic vegetables. Awesome.
My muscles hurt.


G.G. said...

Hey--I'm hoping to get a half share in a local CSA this year, too. They might not have enough openings, but I'm hopeful. Has always seemed like such a good idea, but I haven't had access to one before.

Erin said...

This one just got a lot bigger at the end of last year, when I looked before they weren't even around and there's a chance I could even work on the farm a bit if I want to-which I do. I am excited! Hope it works out...