Sunday, January 04, 2009


Things are going well over here in the new year. I'm using the Bodybugg as intended and tracking my food on their software to compare with calories burned for the day. Yesterday was my first full day with food tracking included so it's easy to say well done so far, ha!
I want to find some good hiking boots, not crazy expensive but something to keep my ankles from rolling, ideally would keep me warm in winter but not be sweltering the rest of the year but I know that seems impossible. We went on a two and a half hr hike on vacation (also swam and did a yoga class together) and I'll talk about that but will start out with the first few pics of the trip.
If I keep waiting to make the perfect post about our vacation it won't happen so here goes a little bit. I plan on trying to make a little book about it too though I wish I had more pictures. I thought I was taking a ton at the time but it turns out? Not so much.The first night there I was too tired and my back ached overwhelmingly, I ended up having to take a nap and then barey made it out for dinner. So the first half day there? Sort of wasted because of me but I really could not have avoided the nap and felt really bad. We went to El Charro for dinner at the original location downtown. They are supposedly the originator of the chimichanga and also the oldest continuously run by the same family mexican restaurant. Been open since 1922 and the place we went was the family's home at one time. Fantastic food, here's a picture of the chimichanga I ordered, it was easily over a foot long, geez!

Jason's dinner, which was this incredible steak that was sun dried and roasted that also filled my chimichanga:

And here's the two of us, tired but happy:


Brian said...

That chimichanga looks real good.
Nice blog.


Erin said...

Thanks Brian, it was really good, especially the mysterious green sauce side. The waiter said, "Good luck" when he dropped it off at our table, ha!
I like the idea for your blog too.

MARLA said...

Oh the two of you are adorable! But seriously I am mostly looking at that food, which looks DELISH.

Erin said...


Thanks! The food was amazing, I would go back to the desert just for the food even if the entire place didn't rock so much. Rock! Desert! ha!

Doublebanker said...

That looks delicious..

Erin said...

It was indeed, I even tried to take it back to the resort to put in the minifridge but the tiny cooler just could not handle the awesomeness. It had to be trashed, so sad. Thanks for stopping by!

G.G. said...

You two look so happy! And healthy and well. I am envying you your sunny peaceful vacation right now--That place looks gorgeous.

Erin said...

G.G.-Thank you! It was really a great trip.