Saturday, January 24, 2009


I'm around but am trying to cut down the amount of time my kiddo spends while I sit on this contraption reading/writing/surfing on a daily basis. Today I'm relaxing that a bit and letting him eat his breakfast on the couch watching Mickey Mouse. These are not daily activities but let's celebrate Saturday, yes?
Planning my meals out for the week worked splendidly as I am sure you could have guessed before I even did it. However, it worked so nicely I am committed to doing it again from here on out. I will plan my menu and snacks, arrange the shopping list by section of the store and then proceed to be pleased as punch. Check and check.
The next meal I made after I last updated was barley with chickpeas and pesto topped with sauteed artichoke hearts in garlic and a sprinkle of shaved parmesan cheese. Lovely, meatless and my guys both liked it quite a bit. It was also very easy which does not hurt.
Workouts? Done two of the scheduled three for the week and will do the third today, I promise. The third one is an all body workout but focused towards cardio so I look forward to it the least but will not skip. I see a lot of two arm swings on the agenda, my palms are already crying-at least I get some cool callouses out of it. I am weird like that. I have to say, I really am loving the workout program and very excited about what I know will happen to my fitness level and physique-it is already happening after one week. Oh! I think I finally have the hang of Turkish get-ups after practicing with no weight added this week-I will attempt to add the ten lb KB next time, I have a serious learning/ability deficit on this one or any other lunge maneuver for that fact. I know what I need to do to make it easy on my knees and effective and I pay close attention to that but sometimes I just get all flustered and disconnected from where exactly my various body parts are supposed to be at what time. No matter, I am getting it, yay!

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