Monday, January 26, 2009

Bleary and Early Share Many Letters

Wow am I super tired today, hopefully this will pass once I get moving a bit more but right now I am regretting the caffeinated beverage I had late afternoon yesterday. I didn't drop off to sleep until after midnight and with getting up at 5:30, that is just not much sleep. I have a long day of lectures ahead of me, 8:30-4:45 to be exact and when you are sitting and listening all day it really wears you out oddly enough. Add in traffic time and that puts me at 7:15-6ish for the day, ack!
Hmm I'm actually feeling ok now that the fog is lifting off my brain. Feeling the soreness this morning from yesterdays workout, so far mainly lats, triceps and quads have spoken up. I got my menu made up for the week, from what I can remember it includes BBQ chicken hash, curried venison steak, turkey meatballs marsala, and chicken scallopini. We ended up with more leftovers than anticipated this past week so that should cover us until Saturday at least.
We are finally getting our bedroom redecorated and it is looking awesome, when I came to bed last night I kept peeking and smiling once my eyes were adjusted to the dark. I'll take pictures soon. Only thing really missing is painting and finding the right tables for one side of the bed and by the armchair.
Ok now that I've bored the world with talking about my furniture needs, I better get cracking on readying myself for the day.


MizFit said...

will we be privy to bedroom pics when all is finished and tidy??

Erin said...

Most definitely!

Marla said...

Ugh, that is too many lectures!

Your menu sounds delicious this week; expect me for dinner several times.

Erin said...

Marla-The day of lecturing really wore me out, I was ready to collapse last night and subsequently rushed and stressed this morning because I could not wrap my mind around preparing last night even though it of course made things worse today.
As for dinner? Come on over! :)