Friday, August 01, 2008

I've been working all week and have just been wiped out-I want to post and other things that have slid but maybe not just yet. Getting up at 5 (not my norm at all) in order to workout still has been killer but I've done it.


Kada said...

You're still getting up at 5 to workout?! Wow. {standing ovation}

MizFit said...


you did it.

and each time you do it feel free to channel me.

Im there with you.

virtually anyway ;)

Erin said...

@kada-Yeah I can hardly believe it myself. That first morning I got up and did an hr long KB workout there were many thoughts of holy sh!t I'm doing this! woot!

Erin said...

@mizfit-I'm trying hard to establish myself as a morning workout person-thanks for the encouragement! Knowing you have the Toddler Tornado helps me to work around my own Tiny Tyrant. :) (okay so he's only occasionally a tyrant but it was alliterative) PS the requested honorable chef post will be worked on now-not enough brain cells last week.