Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hey everybody. Going back to school has been, how should I say it? a rollercoaster emotionally and I am sitting here crying right now, thinking about my little boy and how I wish I could be with him more and I have to go jump in the shower to get ready for school.
Everything's fine and I'm going to make sure it gets even better because what really matters is my husband and my son and I am doing thing for them too. Exhaustion does this to me-I actually got enough sleep last night so today is better, I make it so.

PS A real update will be forthcoming, I wrote about half of a post for the new site and then promptly changed how I felt so it seems silly to finish it. I am changeable in the extreme and need to remember that.


Kada said...


G.G. said...

Good luck with the new school year--that's a tough time to start up anything that pushes you outside your already established routine.

It's going to work out--hang in there!

I'm really looking forward to reading your new blog.

Erin said...

Thank you Kada! {hugs} back!

Erin said...

g.g. thank you! I hope to get things running soon, I bought a domain and need to install some type of editor-perhaps Wordpress, I haven't decided how to go about that yet. I also worked on the post I mentioned last night so should get that posted tonight. My guys (husband and son) are gone this weekend so I am getting some things done.
PS I loved your computer analogy you posted recently. Love to hear from other women that are technology savvy.