Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent running the road with my young'un and no workouts were to be had other than light swimming Tuesday. This has bummed me out considerably but I have not had it in me to get up when the alarm goes off at 5, I will try again in the morning. Perhaps I should state, "I will do it in the morning" to be more positive than "try"?
Son is home again today-we are headed to my brother's when John Reid wakes up from his nap (is my brother's birthday) and then to the Rangers/NYY game tonight. I managed to get my kettlebell workout in while he is asleep and am so happy that I did. I was missing it so much that I could hardly sleep because I kept thinking about it last night-seeing such drastic changes in my body so quickly and actually LIKING how I am accomplishing this fact is extremely addictive. If I would have done my workout on Tuesday like I had planned that would have meant 4 KB sessions this week instead of the 3 I've been doing so I am still getting three in for the week and hopefully next time it rotates through to have 4 I'll get that done. Must work on getting up super early-I know from experience of the past year that once school kicks in that is the ONLY way I can get it done.
I just threw some red ripe tomatoes in with some 2% cottage cheese and a basil seasoning paste and it was delicious-a lot like a caprese salad. Just throwing that out there...

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