Monday, August 04, 2008

Blah is the word for the day over here. Not sad really but listless, tired-oh-so-tired and I'm taking a rest day. It seems to be in order.
Pretty sore from my workout yesterday, headachey from having one cup of coffee yesterday and abstaining today-maybe I have to leave it alone forever, whaaah! Tomorrow I'm taking our son over to a friends to swim and play and the day after that we're going to visit my grandmother (the one that is terminally ill) and that is way overdue. Thursday is my brother's birthday so I'll prob hang with him during the day and then we have box seats to the Yankees/Rangers' game that night. Friday I am thinking I need to pencil in being an exhausted heap again. Saturday is our Leo Madness birthday bash as there are so many leo birthdays in our circle so that will be free day eating wise.
Boring post? Yes, but I'm trying to be more consistent in talking to the ethos.
Started reading Atlas Shrugged but am not being pulled in as of yet-better give it a chance I am thinking. I've read plenty of class books and enjoyed them so it's not that it's "too much" for me. Ick-I hate the idea of anyone thinking that.
Read The Time Traveler's Wife last week and absolutely devoured it-wonderful book. Was excited that it's being made into a movie until I saw the actress playing the lead, not my choice at all. Not that I have a choice in mind or it would matter if I did.
Okay, blah, did I mention blah?


MizFit said...

how youre feeling more energized this morning----perhaps one more rest day?

until youre sore no'mo'?

and who is playing the lead?

I hadnt seen yet!

Erin said...

Still feeling kinda beat down this morning but I think a lot of it is the stupid caffeine issue-must leave it alone! Tomorrow I will get up early again to get my KB workout in-today I'll just make sure I actually swim instead of standing around in the water.
I had seen rumors that Kirsten Dunst was going to be Claire and I was vastly relieved to find out Rachel McAdams actually got the lead-she's a more believable Claire I think but I guess time will tell. People are in an uproar over Eric Bana getting the part of Henry-I am just excited to go see it!

MARLA said...

OMG I never could make it through Atlas Shrugged! I think I remember reading The Fountainhead, probably for the sex scenes (what can I say, I was like 14) and I like Anthem because it's very very short. Is there a movie of Atlas Shrugged? :-)

I haven't read The Time Traveler's Wife yet, and everyone says it's super fantastic, so I'd better put it on my list.

Erin said...

I got a lot more into Atlas Shrugged last night-this is my first foray into Ayn Rand's stuff-always heard it mentioned and I like to read a wide variety of books. Earlier yesterday I got into watching some 1930s movies with a lot of cool art deco settings and the imagery in Atlas gave me that feeling. I really did love The Time Traveler's Wife-enough that I read it in two sittings and would have read it in one if I wasn't trying to be responsible and get some sleep.

G.G. said...

The heat out there where you are wouldn't be having anything to do with that blah feeling, would it? It's been pretty extreme. I know mega-hot weather in August always makes me kind of blah. Even if it's a "dry" heat.

I have to admit I've never been able to get into Rand's stuff. Probably a temperament thing. I figure if I couldn't get into her as a teenager, there's probably no hope for me liking her now:-) I've just come to believe there are some authors, whether they're "classic" authors or not, who are just never going to be easy for me to read. Doesn't say anything bad about me--relationships with authors are like relationships with people--sometimes the two of you just don't click.

I would watch anything with Eric Bana in it. Whether he's right for the part or not . . . .