Monday, July 02, 2007

Still extremely sore this morning, I guess it will just be walking for me today. I have my last lab practical at 11:50 and I just don't wanna study or take it, so burnt out and I still have two more years to go. I've been doing this for 4 yrs now and I just want to be done. Meh. I know I will be pumped again when I get into my program and am doing field work, so no worries.
Nasal passages feeling great still and when I finally got to sleep, I slept HARD. Must be getting more oxygen, eh?

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Dynamo360 said...

Hey Erin!

I just got caught up on the last weeks worth of posts (had to prepare for a job interview so all my spare brains were busy in that). Back again and just wanted to let you know that I love checking up on you and am glad things are alright.