Friday, July 20, 2007

I did go swim yesterday in the lap pool, and yes it was a comedic disaster actually getting to the pool. I had anxiety about not knowing exactly where to go, how to act, what to do and oh my God I might do something wrong and other people would see me! Ack! <-------get over it, honey.
I decided to ask the front desk guy, despite it making me squirmy to do so, if there was anything special I needed to know-did they have towels or should I bring one, was their a locker room in the pool area, etc. I had seen doors on the other side of the glass with the different locker room designations so I thought maybe they had locker room areas over there as well. He said no they didn't and to just wrap my towel around me if it bothered me and they had towels for 25 cents but to bring my own if I wanted in case. I specifically told him I was there to swim and he waved me on through with nary a mention that the DAMN POOL WAS NOT OPEN FOR ANOTHER HOUR.
Yes, I changed out, took a shower so I was now WET in my bathing suit, walked out through the front entry of the locker room right in front of all the cardio bunnies and meat heads only to walk up to the glass doors that surprisingly did NOT OPEN. There is something about trying to open a door that is locked that embarrasses me in a big way. I them hear someone say, "What's that girl doing in a bathing suit..." right before I read the hours sign for the fifth time to finally see that on weekends it opens at ten but during the week its closed 'till 11:30. It was 10:45 by that time, I turned and walked quickly back to the locker room while my mind whirled crazily. There was an entrance to the pool directly from the locker room, which I had tried and finding it locked concluded, "This must be why the front desk guy did not mention this door, they must not use it" before I walked out to do my walk of shame. I had reasoned that surely he would have mentioned the pool was not open, but that's what I get for assuming things. It makes an ass out of me and me.

I've never had good luck with combination locks and this was no exception. I am standing there dripping and embarrassed (though that was lessening, who gives a flip what those people think) and struggling with the damned thing for quite a while before I got it open. Put my clothes back on and even though I was wearing sandals I decided to go upstairs and walk on the indoor track. So I walked a mile, stretched a bit, and then was able to change back out and go through the previously locked door.
The sign on the wall said there were five lanes, 5 being the slowest swimmers and yet there was no designation of what was what. I had to get the lifeguard's attention which was sort of hard to do since he was busy staring outside acting bored while simultaneously thinking about how HOTT he finds himself. After he said no one pays attention to that I just did my thing and swam for thirty minutes, pretty much constantly. I did ten laps, twenty lengths, or 500 meters-whatever you want to call it. My neck was killing me since I was keeping my face out of the water the whole time (no goggles or anything) but I really liked it and plan on buying some gear to make it more fun. Goggles and probably the weird little nose clip thingie, I want to go underwater a lot more, that was always what I liked about swimming when I was a kid-going underwater and doing as many flips as possible. It made me feel like a mermaid or a dolphin-I always had a good imagination.

No workout today, I had planned on lifting but I'm incredibly fatigued today and feeling crappy from something that was in my sushi last night-must have been msg I think. My finger joints and wrists are swollen and the skull sinus on the back of my head hurts. Damn it's already 4 and this house is still a wreck. I have 18-20 people coming over here and I am no where near ready. At least I bought the cake mix and other stuff for it, gotta have priorities and I only get to eat this cake once a year when I make it myself. I'll have to post the recipe, it is beyond delicious.

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M@rla said...

OMG! What an experience. But you know, while you were trying to unlock the door in front of the crowds of millions, I'll bet pretty much all of them were thinking "That girl wants to go swimming, and the stupid gym doesn't open it until 11:30. Those idiots should open it earlier." And then they went back to their treadmilling.

I sometimes get a reaction after sushi - similar to the MSGish feeling. I think it's related to the wasabi, and not necessarily that it might have msg in it, I think it's the radish itself that bothers me. But I am willing to suffer for it.