Sunday, July 22, 2007

In about six hours I have roughly 25 people descending on our house, and I INVITED THEM. WTF was I thinking? Still some cleaning that needs to be done and of course the massive amounts of food and balloons and I have to make The Cake.
Our little guy turns two tomorrow and I'll try and write an entry relevant to that then. Yesterday morning, despite wading through a cheerleader convention that took up the all of the parking, and having to endure their grating "cheering", I made it in to the gym and lifted there for the first time. I got to use a squat rack, something new for me, and that must surely be why my legs hate me today and I have slowly lower and raise myself from the toilet. You wanted to know.
I hurt all over today, thanks to the reunion with my beloved assisted pull-up/dip machine (combined with all the other moves) my upper body is in bad shape today too. Just what I needed when trying to get ready for a big party! I'm happy, don't get me wrong.
I also tried the waterfall pool after lifting, its about a foot deep with waterfalls at one end-designed for sunbathing. Of course after laying out for 20 minutes I became convinced that skin cancer was sprouting on my shoulders, so that may be used sporadically. It was very relaxing though, I felt like I was on vacation and I sense this could be something I can use for stress management, not to mention there are family hours that we can bring our little sweetie.

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Dynamo360 said...

What a great picture!!

I just wanted to say thanks so much for stopping by my blog and posting in yours. I feel like I am really getting to know you through them all and I have to say that you are pretty damn fabulous. :)