Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Today must be a rest day, I am "tore up from the floor up" as the saying goes. I am just exhausted and my body is being held together with string, not to mention I'm still having random female trouble and that doesn't mix with today's activity.
I packed my bag last night so I had full intentions but it is just not to be today. I think I'll go to school and then come home and take a nap. This house has to be clean by Sunday (little guy's 2nd birthday party) and someone has to do it. It's never a full blown sty but it sure can look like it with toys and Hubby detritus everywhere.


Kada said...

Sounds like you deserve a nice Batherapy bath! Epsom salts are your friend. LOL

How many little tykes ya having over on Sunday? {grins} Bet the mess is even greater at the end of the weekend. 2 already? Wow. My youngest niece turns two in October, can't wait to see her in December. (oldest is 5...can hardly believe it.)

Erin said...

For his first birthday we had this huge bash and lots of little kids- and a swim party at that. This time it's mainly adults and maybe 4-5 other kids. I even invited our neighbors and um, yeah the house still looks like poo. Ah well.
Time flies WAY too quickly, it seems like yesterday that he was born but he doesn't even resemble his "baby" pictures anymore, such a little man. I am still loving each day though!