Friday, February 13, 2009

Update Damnit

I have opened this white box so many times to type something and then just closed it out, shaking my head. I feel like I need to do something greater than just tip tapping my daily minutia here and so I put it off and then I end up silent.
I've worked out once this week but have gotten close to the 10,000 steps goal several days while on rotation and have eschewed the elevator in favor of the stairs, etc. Consequently most days I've come close to my calories burned goal of 2300 for the day and the last two days I've been tracking my food again. Like always this works and the scale number is creeping downward again over the same ground I go back and forth over.
My son is home sick and I am feeling really run down but trying to ignore it and think positively, I want to get my third workout of week 3 done (6 week workout program). It is taking me closer to 4 weeks to complete 3 weeks but I am still plugging away and hopeful to get a more regular routine going with some downtime I have coming soon.
See, this is as boring as I thought it would be, I am even zoning out.

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