Saturday, February 21, 2009


I'm not really sure what I am doing or what I am feeling right now. We had to put our beloved pet to sleep yesterday morning and it has rocked my world to say the least. Yesterday was a blur of sadness and tears and heartache and today I feel sort of numb and empty though my mind keeps filing away each situation that it is obvious she is gone. I keep thinking I need to open the back door to see if she is ready to come in or I need to get up early to let her out or I hear noises and think it is her for a split second, only to realize she is gone. Forever.
She was over 12 years old, I met her when she was only 4 so she was very special to me too, one of the smartest and most loving animals I ever had the pleasure of knowing. My husband got her when she was 6 weeks old and raised her from a puppy. When he went to pick out a pup here came one with huge paws and the breeder's laundry in her mouth and he knew. The lady didn't want to giver her up but I guess money talks.
RIP Dixie, I loved you so much and I miss you.


G.G. said...

So sorry about losing Dixie:-( Hope you feel better soon

Marla said...

Erin, I'm so sorry!

Vickie said...

the above are links to another blogger that just posted about her dog loss.

so sorry for you both!!!

Leah J. Utas said...

I am so sorry.